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Nick, it is a brilliant report and so informative and I really like the photo of X. I thought it was a very respectful photo and said a lot about you as well as about him. I know I have said this often to you, but I am so grateful and appreciative that you agreed to be his social worker – your involvement has been so positive for him and for us. I found your overview of his life and care very thorough, and I appreciated your reflections on what you noticed by observation and interaction with X as well as the summaries of the written material. The information about how X may express himself behaviourally depending on what he is experiencing and helpful ways of responding, contained a lot of information which was new to me and very useful. I think it would be very positive if you were able to visit him regularly now that Covid restrictions have receded somewhat.

Jenny, Health and Welfare Deputy, July 2022

Nick, thank you for your report which is detailed, thorough and constructive, I think there is every possibility that we would wish to call on your help again, particularly as you have developed a relationship of trust with C.

Simon, June 2022

Dear Nick, Thank you for your draft report which I have read and considered. I think it is an excellent piece of work, comprehensive and convincing and it fully justifies our decision to make use of your expertise, as I doubt whether we would have been able to argue such a persuasive case

Robert, May 2022

I couldn’t recommend Gill enough. She has been really professional in helping me with some very complicated matters, particularly in light of the challenges and practicalities we all face in connection with coronavirus. Her mental capacity assessments are detailed, well-reasoned with application of the relevant law to the individual. She has shown great flexibility in seeking practical approaches to the provision of the assessments. Her turnaround time has been excellent.

Richard, Solicitor, May 2020

I asked for Nick Robinson’s expert assistance as he was recommended by my solicitor. I needed help with a CHC appeal and funding review for my husband who has more than one type of dementia and is being cared for in a care home. I would highly recommend Nick’s services and I cannot be more grateful for all his support, expert advice and help. He is also very caring and time generous. Nothing has been too much trouble.

Christine, Carer, Chester, May 2020

Gill has provided us with very accurate and comprehensive reports that have assisted in complex cases. The attention to detail was excellent whilst providing very prompt and professional support to the client involved. You will also be happy to know that I dealt with X’s benefits tribunal yesterday and that the appeal was successful. Thank you for your report.

TY, May 2020

Nick demonstrates a range of knowledge and expertise which assures us that all important areas of concern are being addressed. His experience in dealing with safeguarding issues has been particularly valuable. He is consistently kind and empathic and is able to raise difficult issues with sensitivity and to be challenging when necessary. He is attentive to detail but also able to step back and consider the wider picture and make suggestions about improvements to care which we had not considered. We have valued his ability to liaise with other professionals and to produce letters and reports of a high standard. I am immensely grateful for his involvement and support and his combination of professionalism, thoughtfulness and care.

Jenny, HCPC Registered Psychologist, March 2020

Thank you for the advice and information which you gave us. It has proved to be extremely useful and has helped my friend to make a decision about moving into more suitable accommodation. Thank you also for arranging to visit her with Marloes, the Occupational Therapist. I am sure that the information which she has given us, especially about Assistive Technology for MS sufferers, will prove to be invaluable.

Dr Tim Baker, March 2020

Many thanks for preparing this report. I have reviewed and would not propose any amendments. Hopefully this helps the tribunal to reconsider the decision….. your report is much more accurate in considering X’s needs.

November 2019

Thanks ever so much for all your help on C’s behalf, it is really appreciated.

Relative, June 2019

Thank you so much Liz for putting me in touch with Viva Assist. The girls were lovely and it was wonderful not to have to depend on R to take me shopping and to appointments when my arm was in plaster.

Sally, April 2019

Thank you for your visit and for the advice and suggestions you have given us. I now feel that sufficient progress has been made for me to give you an account. We have talked to C’s GP, had a visit from Social Services and made contact with the Alzheimer’s Society. Your visit really got me going. We now have help coming in every day which is a huge relief for me. Thank you very much.

Viv, July 2017

Thank you so much for spending so much time taking me to view all the EMI Residential homes locally and for helping my brother and I to make a decision about our mother’s future care following the sudden death of our father. We couldn’t have got through the last few difficult weeks without your support. Mum is now settled and seems to be very happy.

Barbie September 2016

Thank you so much, Liz, for all the information and advice which you have given us in helping us to find a nursing home for my father during what has been an extremely difficult time for us all, especially my 93 year old mother. Thank you for putting us in touch with Nick, the assessment which he completed for NHS Continuing Health Care is excellent.
It is reassuring to know that you are always at the end of the telephone!

Claire, May 2016

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