Independent Social Work Services for Adults and Older People



ISWP can advise and help you with care and support to enable you to continue to live independently at home.

Support to remain at home can include assistance with meeting your personal care needs, meals, medication, essential shopping, domestic tasks, overnight care, keeping in touch with friends, family or going out; anything which you feel will help you to maintain your independence and your quality of life.

We can help you plan your care and support, advising you about funding options to help you to continue to live as independently and as in control as possible, in the comfort, familiarity and privacy of your own home.

We use our local knowledge to identify quality care providers and can research the options for you in areas we are less familiar with.

We can look at planning for changes in need, such as when you may be unwell, on a short or long-term basis or if you have been in hospital and are ready for discharge. We can also help identify what may help family carers to continue to care for you at home, such as opportunities for respite care.

We work closely with health and statutory services to ensure that you are able to access all those services to which you are entitled and will make referrals and liaise directly with other professional colleagues including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and Specialist Nurses.

If you are already receiving care or support services, we can review this, identify areas for improvement and advocate on your behalf. We can also monitor the care you receive on an ongoing basis and provide feedback and reports to relatives who may not live locally.

Contact us for further information if you need:-

  • Help to plan your care and support
  • Knowledge about your statutory entitlements or funding options
  • Help to arrange services
  • An independent professional opinion about your care and support services
  • Help to arrange a review of your care
  • Someone to represent or advocate for you
  • Regular monitoring of care services