Independent Social Work Services for Adults and Older People



Moving house to enable you to remain independent in your own Home.

As people grow older, their housing needs often change. There are many different types of accommodation available, including Retirement and Sheltered Housing, Assisted Living and Extra Care Housing. All these types of accommodation are available for purchase, rental or leasehold. This means that it may be possible for you to adapt your home to your new situation and continue to live there for as long as you wish to. It means that you do not necessarily have to sell your home to pay for residential home fees, providing you do not need specialised nursing care in the future. ISWP can advise you on all the different types of accommodation available in the area where you would like to live.

Extra Care Housing is also known as Assisted Living, Housing with Care and Very Sheltered Housing. These housing developments provide apartments with your own front door in a safe and sociable environment, which promote independent and active life styles for older people. Communal facilities can include restaurants and bars, shops and hairdressers, fitness suites, library and IT facilities. Each development usually has 24 hour on-site support teams of carers, who are available to provide continuity and care on both a long and short term basis and in emergencies.

ISWP has proved that Extra Care Housing can be a positive experience for couples, when one partner is in need of care and/or supervision. The availability of care and support provided by the in house teams of carers can assist to relieve the stress of ‘caring’ and can provide ‘the carer’ with easily accessible respite in their own home.